Bank accounts

Al-Rajhi Bank

Account number: 319608010035661 

IBAN: SA08 8000 0319608010035661

Account name:  مؤسسة أسبار العربية


 National Commercial Bank

Account number: 12000000197600

IBAN: SA29 1000 0012 000000197600

 Account name:  مؤسسة أسبار العربية

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 Saudi American Bank /h2>


The online buying process is easy and simple and doesn't take much time. You can review the order and payment process page for more information
Bank transfer and online payment by credit card and mada.
Yes, delivery and shipping service is available for all regions
The order number is the number that is automatically sent to the customer upon completion of the order and is used to follow up the status of the request with customer service representatives or in the status of the request
After completing the order process, you will be automatically redirected to a page containing your order number. You can also know it by reviewing the e-mail or text messages sent from the site, which include the details of your order, including its number.
Yes, order confirmation is important to start processing your order and ship it if you used bank transfer as a payment method.
Viewing product information is very important, so we have attached the info of each product next to the image on the product page.
We will take care of the costs of returning the product, and the customer may either return the amount to his account or send the required product and ship it free of charge
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